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June 18 2017

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Towards The Within-2.

surreal mixed media collage art by Ayham Jabr

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Lubię wady i czuję się bardziej komfortowo w obencości osób, które je posiadają. Ja jestem w całości złożony z wad mocno ściśniętych dobrymi intencjami
— Augusten Burroughs
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Fran Rodriguez
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cosmic pill
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Peak capitalism is not immediately knowing if this is satire

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Nauka w szkołach powinna być prowadzona w taki sposób, aby uczniowie uważali ją za cenny dar, a nie za ciężki obowiązek
— Albert Einstein
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June 17 2017

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Julius Grimm (1842-1906)

In 1888, Julius Grimm used photography and telescope observation to create this intricately detailed and precise oil painting of the moon. In the night sky, the moon is always lit from behind you – so the shadows of the craters can never appear as they do in this painting. Grimm instead regarded the moon as if it were a still life, bathed in golden light emanating from the left side of the painting. 

“The picture should only be hung or positioned, that the light falls onto the picture from the side where the arrow is positioned, because otherwise, in the case of incorrect lighting, the effect could be completely lost.”

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Artist; instagram.com/burdco

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